I'm a finance administrator

Finance and compliance are crucial to a successful business. I do both.

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I support the project finance team and work closely with other stakeholders to ensure finances are in order to enable the continued success of the organisation.


Ensuring funder claims are put together in a timely fashion, and making sure all evidence is submitted to support the numerous audits throughout the year.

My skills

Effective planning

Ensuring tasks are completed to meet business needs whilst remaining flexible to changes.


Evidence collation, storage, submission and investigation to ensure audits are passed.

Microsoft Office

Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel including formulas, functions and VBA.


Making sure staff have the right information and tools at the right time.

Data analysis

Using existing data from multiple sources to generate effective reports.

Providing training

Training and mentoring new staff to ensure service levels are met.

My interests

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Web design and development

I enjoy creating websites and working on web applications.

Infrastructure management

Setting up, securing and maintaining servers for use by multiple systems.

Systems development

Developing applications and scripts to make repetitive tasks quicker and easier.

Websites I have worked on

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