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A bit about me

I currently work as an administrator for a business consultancy ensuring we support and challenge businesses from sole trader to Limited Company (and everything in-between) to grow, increase their market share, become more efficient and effective, develop their product or service range, learn new skills, reduce their carbon footprint and give back to the community.

Outside of work I enjoy working with computers with a particular interest at present in servers, hosting and web design and development.

I also like to expand my knowledge through reading and taking a wide range of courses using platforms such as Udemy.

Want to know how I can help your business run smoothly?

I'd love to share with you how I can support your business to keep on growing.

A bit about my skills

These are the main skills I use which will help you to keep your business at it's best


Effective communication is essential  to success and I have engaged with staff throughout the organisations I have worked for to ensure tasks are completed.


Being efficient requires planning workloads and resources. This is something I do regularly to ensure deadlines are consistently met.

Training others

New starters need support if they are to help your business reach it's goals. I have effectively trained a number of people on a wide range of tasks for this very purpose.

Microsoft Office

Whilst pretty much every role requires Office skills these days I have chosen to develop more advanced knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the roles I work in.

Collating evidence

Evidence is needed for a wide range of tasks and I consistently maintain high quality records of all evidence necessary for audits.


My roles have involved different types of audits and I have ensured I had everything necessary to pass them first time without  introducing delays.

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A bit about my interests


I feel that it is important to keep learning throughout life and I have been doing this by working alongside others, reading and taking advantage of online video courses.

Infrastructure management

Computers have always been a passion but I do enjoy learning how to setup, configure, secure and maintain online servers whilst ensuring I get the most out of each one.

Web design

Frontend web design is something I enjoy learning about and putting into practice in different ways whilst also exploring different styles and techniques.

Software development

This is something I am beginning to get back into and plan to work on NodeJS, PHP and Go. All of this will be used to develop online systems and help me to develop fullstack skills.


Whilst I haven't been able to spend much time on this recently I do enjoy developing tools using the TeX and LaTeX typesetting system and macros to make life easier for others.


I also love a good cup of coffee. Whether that be from the coffee shop or from grinding beans at home you just can't beat the taste of a great cup of coffee.

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A bit about some of my work

Type with Tex website

Type with tex

I created this website to support a class I had developed. This class enables people to create an attractive, and easy to read, CV and covering letter.

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Site and Server website

Site and server

This site is a blog where I upload articles covering all things website and server related.

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Scripts website


This site contains a number of scripts I have written to install and setup and OS or web applications.

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Stonefold Ministries website

Stonefold ministries

Whilst this one isn't my site it is one that I designed. I also host and maintain this site on my own VPS.

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