I'm Philip Stone

An excellent administrator and communicator who will keep your business running smoothly so that you can do what you do best

Some of my photos


I'm currently working for a company who supports SMEs across Greater Manchester by providing expert business support and consultancy services and driving success for everyone.

My role involves ensuring high standards of work to ensure that everything we do meets funder's requirements in an effort to maximise claim amounts. I work on a range of systems, using a variety of tools, in order to support multiple teams, share knowledge and train others.

Rest and play

Outside of work I have a number of interests keeping me busy. This includes Linux administration (with a particular emphasis on setting up a VPS for use as a web server) and creating websites (using HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as using Wordpress).

I also work on typesetting documents and using page layout software. When not working on any of these I enjoy reading and walking.

I also enjoy learning new skills and have completed courses on NLP, CBT and Mindfulness with Achology.


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