Meet Philip Stone

An excellent administrator and communicator who will keep your business running smoothly so that you can do what you do best


I'm currently working for a company who supports SMEs across Greater Manchester by providing expert business support and consultancy services and driving success for everyone.

My role involves ensuring high standards of work to ensure that everything we do meets funder's requirements in an effort to maximise claim amounts. I work on a range of systems, using a variety of tools, in order to support multiple teams, share knowledge and train others.


Office administration

I always meet targets and deadlines in a calm, measured, way whilst supporting others and maintaining a tidy and presentable workspace.

Excellent communication

I communicate well with a range of people including clients and customers as well as staff at all levels in the organisation.

Document preparation

All documents I produce are clean, succinct, clear and easy to understand.

Document retention

Having set up, and used, a document management system I ensure that all documents needed can be located and provided quickly.

Audit preperation

Having located all documents easily I am then able to locate and combine all necessary data, very quickly, to meet, and exceed, audit expectations.

Training colleagues

Whilst being a fast learner myself I am equally adept at training others in a way that ensures any knowledge transfer is successful.


Web sysadmin

I have been using virtual computers, both local and web-connected to learn, and develop my skills in setting up and maintaining Linux based sever environments.

Web design

When not maintaining servers I can be found learning more about web design and creating web sites that are easy to use whilst also looking good.


I am interested in the layout of documents and enjoy experimenting using page layout software as well as using TeX and LaTeX commands and compilers.


It is important to continue learning throughout life and I do so by researching whatever interests me at that moment.

I have researched, and taken courses on, NLP, CBT, Administration and Excel among others.


My interests cover a wide number of subjects and I like to read about each of them.


It is important to get exercise but why not couple this with visiting all the nice places that can be found in the UK?

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