My interests

What I do when I am not working
We all need hobbies. They keep us motivated and can add to our personal satisfaction.
The most recent of my interests is software reverse engineering. At present I am still at the initial phase of learning, and practicing, some techniques. The aim is to eventually become good enough to reverse engineer malware.
This has led me to try and pick up programming in C and C++ again. Whilst these languages are not modern they are still very effective general - purpose programming lanaguages. Eventually I will probably need to learn other, more modern, languages too.
Another interest is web development. This is limited to front - end only at present but I would like to develop my knowledge around back - end development too. Whilst it is an old language now I would like to learn PHP soon.
Other aspects of working on the web interest me. I've noticed that a lot of people who have websites don't seem to understand much about domain names, hosting or DNS. This is a necessary skill and something a lot of people would benefit from.
Anyone who wants to develop a website will also want to know about good SEO techniques. This is something else that is on my rader and I will be learning more about over the coming months.
Typesetting. I have been working on making some of the documents I produce look good using the TeX and LaTeX typesetting system. I am also working on developing my knowledge of print media and how to make it look good.
I have dabbled in photography and spent years repairing old photographs using a variety of software and techniques to help people fall in love with their memories all over again.
Mental health is an interesting subject and I have completed a numnber of courses, provided by Achology, on the subject.